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Dr. Pragati Singhal, a prominent Breast Oncologist known for her patient-centred approach and exceptional surgical expertise. As a member of prestigious medical societies such as ASI and ABSI, Dr. Singhal is committed to improving patient outcomes with advanced surgical techniques and comprehensive care.
Presently serving as a Consultant Breast Oncosurgery at Peerless Hospital, Dr. Singhal brings a depth of experience and skill to every case. Her expertise spans a variety of procedures including Mastectomy, Breast conservation surgeries, sentinel lymph node biopsy, and advanced oncoplastic reconstructive techniques.
Dr. Singhal's approach to patient care is built on compassion and understanding, ensuring personalized treatments that align with each patient’s unique needs and situations. Her ability to build trust and rapport with patients from diverse backgrounds underscores her commitment to excellence in healthcare.
Explore our website to learn more about Dr. Singhal's background, clinical expertise, and her significant contributions to the field of Breast Oncology. For any inquiries or to schedule a consultation, please feel free to contact us.

Dr. Pragati Singhal
MBBS, MS (General Surgery), Fellowship in Surgical Oncology and Breast Oncosurgery (Tata Medical Center)


Dr. Pragati Singhal's expertise has been recognized through various awards and honours.

  1. Awarded First Prize for Paper Presentation
    • Title: “Benign Breast Diseases in Reproductive Age Group”
    • Event: ASICON 2018, Chennai
  2. Awarded First Prize for Poster Presentation
    • Title: “Traumatic Dislocation of Testis”
    • Event: ASICON 2018, Chennai
  3. Awarded First Prize for Poster Presentation
    • Title: “Recurrent Malignant Phyllodes Tumour in a Young Nulliparous Female”
    • Event: Medinspire 2019
  4. Awarded First Prize in Surgical Video Competition
    • Event: 47th ICON Conference, 2022
  5. Poster Presentation
    • Title: “Partial Breast Reconstruction Using Chest Wall Perforator Flap”
    • Event: NATCON IASO 2021
  6. Poster Presentation
    • Title: “Chest Wall Perforator Flap - Techniques and Outcome”
    • Event: ABSICON 2021
  7. Poster Presentation
    • Title: “Oncologic Safety of SLNB Post Neoadjuvant Systemic Therapy (NACT/NAET) in Node Negative Breast Cancer Patients”
    • Event: ABSICON 2021
  8. Received Fellowship Travel Grant for Poster Presentation
    • Title: “Optimizing Axillary Surgery in Patients with Breast pCR Post NACT - A Retrospective Study”
    • Event: European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC) 13, 2022
  9. Completed Dissertation
Title: “A Comparative Study of RIPASA and Modified Alvarado Scoring Systems for the Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis”

Dr. Pragati Singhal's commitment to advancing breast cancer care is evident in her extensive research and publications.

Some of her noteworthy works:

  • '10-year Retrospective Analysis of Phyllodes Tumour of Breast at Tata Medical Center' (Forthcoming)
  • 'Traumatic Dislocation of the Testis' – International Surgery Journal, Nov 2019
  • 'A Study of Surgical Management and its Outcome in Adult Patients with Intestinal Obstruction' – International Surgery Journal, Dec 2019
  • 'Limberg Flap for Reconstruction after Excision of Multiple Conglomerate Epidermoid Cysts' – International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, Jan 2020
  • Actinomycosis of Male Breast - A Rare Case Report. International Surgery Journal, Mar 2020; 7(3): 922-924.
  • Hydatid Cyst of Broad Ligament - A Rare Case Report. International Surgery Journal, Apr 2020; 7(4): 1298-1300.
  • Trichobezoars - A Hairy Cause of Intestinal Obstruction. International Surgery Journal, May 2020; 7(5): 1658-1661.

“These Publications Reflect Dr. Singhal's Dedication to Enhancing Understanding and Treatment of Complex Medical Conditions.”

  • Recurrent Malignant Phyllodes Tumour of the Breast in a Young Nulliparous Female. International Journal of Surgery Science, 2020; 4(1): 320-322.
  • Idiopathic Scrotal Calcinosis - A Case Series. International Journal of Surgery Science, 2020; 4(2): 04-06.
  • Adult Idiopathic Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis: An Infrequent Cause of Gastric Outlet Obstruction. International Surgery Journal, May 2020; 7(5): 1698-1700.
  • Vacuum Assisted Closure of Diabetic Wounds. International Journal of Surgery Science, 2020; 4(4): 14-17.
  • Superiority of RIPASA Over Modified ALVARADO Scoring Systems for the Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis - Original Research Article. International Surgery Journal, Jan 2021; 8(1): 207-214.
  • Is Limberg Flap Better Than Excision and Primary Closure for Treatment of Sacrococcygeal Pilonidal Sinus - A Prospective Randomised Study of 30 Cases. International Surgery Journal, Feb 2021; 8(2): 699-703.
  • Diagnosis and Management of Phyllodes Tumour of the Breast - 5-Year Study of a Tertiary Care Centre. International Journal of Surgery Medicine, 2021; 7(5): 28-31.
  • Research on Correlation of Upper Gastrointestinal Peptic Ulcer Diseases with Indian Demographics and Consumption Habits and its Correlation with Age, Sex, Religion, Alcohol, Tobacco Addiction in Urban and Rural Population of West Bengal For Short Term Studentship (STS) 2011, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

Dr. Singhal actively participates in workshops and educational courses, staying at the forefront of medical advancements:

  • Organizer and Participant in the Breast Surgery Workshop at TATA Medical Centre, 2022
  • Attendee at the 18th St. Gallen International Breast Cancer Conference, 2023


These engagements demonstrate her dedication to both learning and contributing to the wider medical community."

List of other workshops and courses

  1. ACCORD- Protocol Development Workshop (2022)
    • Developed Protocol titled “Operable Breast Cancer Care Pathway - Direct and Indirect Medical Cost - A Prospective Single Centre Observational Study.”
  2. Organizing Committee Member, Breast Surgery Workshop
    • Tata Medical Centre, 27 June 2022.
  3. Tata Annual Biostats and Clinical Research Methodology Course
    • Completed on 15 July 2022.
  4. 18th St. Gallen International Breast Cancer Conference
    • Attended in 2023.
  5. Workshop on Basic Laparoscopic Skills
    • Johnson & Johnson, Mahim, 15 June 2019.
  6. Rare Cases in Oncosurgery Workshop
    • Mumbai Surgical Society, Bombay Hospital, 10 March 2019.
  7. Liver Malignancy and Hands-on Workshop
    • Johnson & Johnson, Mahim, 2 February 2019.
  8. Burns Update
    • LTGMC, Sion, 13 October 2018.
  9. Ventral Hernia, Live Workshop
    • KEM Hospital, Parel, 22 September 2018.
  10. Breast Cancer Update
    • Apollo Hospital, Navi Mumbai, 29 July 2018.
  11. Workshop on Surgical Skills
    • Johnson & Johnson, Mahim, 29 April 2018.
  12. Live Proctology Workshop
    • Rajeev Gandhi Medical College, Kalwa, 21 April 2018.
  13. Proctology Live Workshop and CME
    • KEM Hospital, Mumbai, 10 March 2018.
  14. Podiatry Workshop on Diabetic and Other Foot Diseases
    • GMC Gymkhana, Marine Lines, Mumbai, December 2017.
  15. Research and Scientific Article Writing
    • Zen Hospital, 19 August 2017.
  16. Essential Surgical Skills Course
    • CEMAST - Centre of Excellence for Minimal Access Surgery Training, Mumbai, 2 December 2017.